You can choose how you'd like the impression (handprint, fingerprint etc.) on your piece to be highlighted.

For silver we can use an antiquing technique which highlights your print and engraving in black or if you prefer we can leave them as pure silver.  Finally there is an option to highlight your prints with a coloured resin (note: this is not suitable for fingerprints as it will hide all the detail in them). 

Have a look at the pictures below to see what the different impression highlighting techniques look like.

Adding a gemstone
Children's artwork pendant

Children's artwork pendant - pure silver impression

Children's artwork keyring

Children's artwork keyring - antiqued impression

Children's artwork pendant

Children's artwork pendant - coloured resin impression

Fingerprint pendant

Fingerprint pendant - antiqued impression

Inscribed fingerprint pendant

Inscribed reverse of fingerprint pendant - antiqued engraving

Handprint pendant with gemstone

Handprint pendant with gemstone - pure silver impression

Inscribed handprint pendant

Inscribed reverse of handprint pendant - pure silver engraving

Pawprint pendant

Pawprint pendant - coloured resin impression

Copper hand and footprint keyring

Copper hand and footprint keyring - pure copper finish

If you'd like to add a gemstone to give your piece some sparkle, please let us know when you order.  Prices for gems are shown in the product descriptions.

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